Listerine Every Day Keeps Dr. Tritle Away?!


Brushing With Listerine

In a moment of supernatural clarity it dawned on me how much more effective brushing your teeth with Listerine was. It kills 99.9% of germs! Aubri (our hygienist) and I have been encouraging our parents to pour some Listerine into a cup, dip the brush in the Listerine and brush their teeth with it. It’s crazy to think something that simple works so well! This ensures you get the medicine where it needs to go, between the teeth and below gum line. As a result, the full anti-bacterial effects of Listerine work their magic to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth!

Furthermore, better results are achieved when you dip interproximal cleaning devices such as “Proxy Brushes” and “G.U.M. Soft Picks” between the teeth, and again dip the device into fresh Listerine as you go. This does not replace brushing with a good fluoride toothpaste twice a day. The Listerine fights gum disease. Your toothpaste (paired with fluoride) fights decay!

Dr. Tritle’s Research

The results have far have exceeded my expectations. Gums that bleed before treatment are getting healthy. Teeth that were slightly lose are tightening up. We are excited with progress patients are making and patients can tell the difference in cleanliness of their teeth, gums and mouth.

What Dr. Tritle Recommends

Ideally, I’d like you to clean/brush your teeth with tooth paste for two minutes twice a day (this is a lot, once a day is a must). Then clean/brush with Listerine for two minutes at least once a day. We’ll review this with you at your next hygiene visit.

In conclusion, if you are not currently a patient of record and have bleeding gums and/or loose teeth, please call and schedule. We can diagnosis problems and work together to fix it.


Charles W. Tritle DMD

Aubri Green RDH